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  The electrical power created by solar photovoltaic panels which can be used efficiently in houses, vehicles, boats and more... The location of the panels is important. More electricity is produced from the sun if the sunlight comes to the panels without any blocking. (i.e. mountains, trees or buildings).
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Solar electricity may be practical and cheap for the conditions where mobile power is needed, or places frequently face with power cut. But it should be kept in mind that the solar electricity systems may be expensive parallel to the need of electricity. We may advantage from the sun power during the year. In order to generate solar electricity, photons from sunlight are absorbed. This process is successful, even in cloudy days or during bright nights but only in few amounts. The panels may be positioned on a roof, on the ground, or on a pole.

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  The photovoltaic panels generating electricity are named as solar panels. It is different from the panels used for solar heating – which are smaller panels than the solar panels.
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There are several of reasons why people should consider installing a solar electric system, Read all >>

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